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Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity distributes winter clothing to refugees in # Afrin

In the past two days, Wafaa Al-Muhsenin Charity has distributed winter clothes to more than 1,000 Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Deir Ballut, Muhammadiyah camps and Khaled bin Al Waleed schools in collaboration with AFAD and SAR by a public funding of generous donors in Oman.

The Chairman Charity Mr. Abdullah Al-Astal said: “There are more than 1000 refugee families in the camps of Deir Balut and Muhammadiyah living in difficult and indecent humanitarian conditions, families live in cloth tents despite the extreme cold and rain, and the toilets are common, which led to the spread of diseases among refugees, as we have seen and heard.”

He also added: “The Davuna project aims to relieve the children of the cold atmosphere, which spoils their bodies through the providing coats, shoes, energy and gloves where the first phase has been implemented on the condition of performing the second stage during the next week.”


The beneficiary families thanked the generous donors in the Sultanate of Oman for their continuous support to the people in the camp and supporting them in the ordeal they are living in, and wish Oman sustainable security and peace.