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Spreading happiness/ Distributing of Eid clothing

Continuing in spreading happiness and standing by the poor and refugees, Wafaa Al-Muhsinin Charitable Foundation implemented the Eid clothing project in all of its working areas. The Foundation stated, “Hundreds of children benefited from the clothing gift in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Yemen, Burkina Faso, and Bangladesh. The joy of the children is the main reason for the happiness of the families during the Eid celebration.” The Foundation added, “On this happy occasion, it is the right of the child not to feel the poverty of their family, and for all children to be equal so that the joy can be even greater.”

The Foundation expressed gratitude to the generous donors who funded the project and brought joy to the children. This project is part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to support the underprivileged and refugees, and to bring happiness and hope to those in need.