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IHVEDER provides gifts and rewards to Quran memorizers in Gaza

The Wafaa Al-Muhsinin participated in an event organized by the House of the Quran and Sunnah in Gaza Strip to honor Quran memorizers who recited the Quran by heart in a single session. The total number of memorizers was 1471, including males and females.

During the celebration, the foundation presented several gifts, the most significant of which were Umrah trips selected through a live draw.

The CEO Mr. Abdullah Al-Astal, stated, “The Foundation places great importance on the Quran and its people. That’s why we provided 16 Umrah trips, 15 cash gifts, and covered the expenses for the marriage of some memorizers, in addition to supporting in vitro fertilization procedures and renovating a house for Quran memorizers.”

He added, “We will continue to offer financial, moral, and motivational support to Quran students to contribute to building a Quranic generation that serves their homeland and nation.”