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IHVEDER hand over 200 housing units to the displaced families in Idlib

During the past few days, within the Al-Wafa Village project, Wafa AloMosenin has completed the work of building 200 housing units in the Syrian city of Idlib, where it was handed over to the displaced families during the Foundation’s team visit to the camps on the Syrian-Turkish border.

The Chairman of the Foundation, Abdullah Al-Astal “After several visits to the displacement camps in Idlib and informing us of the tragic situation, especially in the winter season, it was agreed with the competent authorities to find radical solutions to the problems of the displaced, where we reached a project to build a village of Al-Wafa, whose idea is to replace the tent with a housing unit, where we will build 775 Housing units as a first stage, in addition to building a mosque and a school.

Al-Astal added, “The area of the housing unit is 24 square meters, with two rooms for each displaced family, taking into consideration the possibility of its expansion in the future, indicating that the project is expected to be completed and hand over of all the housing units in the middle of next March.”

In turn, the Foundation’s foreign relations official, Eng. Mohammed Aziz, “The work is proceeding with precision and infinitely speed according to the drawn plan, and that the Foundation’s team closely follows all the building and construction operations that are carried out by the Syrian workforce, indicating that the design of the housing units has been carefully designed to preserve the privacy of the Syrian families and protect them from the cold of winter and prevent water leakage, as well. Protect them from the sun in the summer”

“The Foundation will continue to move forward towards finding radical and appropriate solutions for our displaced people. The construction of this village will be followed by similar projects in other camps, and we will spare no effort to serve these families and offer them a life of dignity, calling on the people of goodness to continue making donations to complete these projects.” he said