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Distribution of food parcels in #Gaza Strip

#IHVEDER distributed food parcels on 28-03-2020 to a many of poor families in Gaza Strip, with donations from the people of #goodness in Sultanate of Oman.

“The implementation of this project to relieve families in #Gazastrip, which has been besieged for 14 years, also #Coronavirus cases  appeared in  the Strip, which have caused a significant increase in the economic recession,”  foundation said.

 “The food parcels included 17 different types of basic needs of #families , the most important of which are flour, sugar, frying oil, canned food and other items.” added

We sincerely thank our people in the Sultanate of #Oman for their continuous #support to our people in #Gaza and we ask ALLAH  to lift the #epidemic from us and them.