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3rd. Shelter Camp – Receive Displaced Individuals

In its ongoing commitment to alleviate the suffering of the displaced population in Gaza Strip, the foundation recently completed the setup of the third shelter camp. Dozens of families and individuals, who have been living in challenging conditions on roadsides and streets, were received at the camp.

The foundation stated, “The camp, consisting of zinc rooms, is part of the foundation’s initiatives to provide suitable shelter for the displaced. Basic amenities such as water facilities and lighting have been provided to improve the quality of life for the displaced and fulfill their fundamental right to find shelter for themselves and their children. There is an urgent need for increased housing and essential services due to the ongoing waves of displacement resulting from the continuous aggression.”

The foundation affirmed its continued diligent work in preparing the fourth camp, aiming to provide further support to the displaced and enhance their living conditions. These efforts are part of the foundation’s commitment to offering assistance amid current humanitarian challenges, especially as the aggression continues, exacerbating the suffering of the local residents in Gaza.